Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday's Cuteability ~ Smile Recipe

I noticed Katie's Matryoshka Charms on Etsy and ever since then I just adore all her work! I found that she's also a fellow Canadian which rocks. Please read the interview and take a look at her beautiful work!

Your Shop Name: Smile Recipe
Shop Address:

Can you tell me abit about yourself?

My name is Katie, I'm 26 and I'm from Ontario, Canada.
I went to college to study graphic design, and have been working as a designer - mainly doing pixel art - for the past 5 years. I love character design. I'm kinda obsessed with 'cute', which I think shows in my artwork and in the things I collect!

What are your favourite materials to work with?

I'm really into fabric right now - with each new piece of fabric I get it's like discovering a new colour - experimenting with fabric combinations, trying to find combos that are interesting and look good together is fun for me. I also like polymer clay, though I don't seem to find as much time to play with it as I'd like. And then, of course, I love 'building' with pixels!

Where did the name Smile Recipe come about?

SmileRecipe on Etsy came from my graphics website Smile Recipe ( When I first set out to make the site, just over a year ago, I knew what I wanted it to be - cute pixel graphics - but couldn't think of a name. So, I wrote down a whole bunch of words that I thought had a sweet or cute feeling and then started sticking them together in pairs - finally 'smile' and 'recipe' came together and it was clearly a winner! It perfectly decribes my intent when I draw or construct something cute - just to bring a smile to someone's face.

What is your favourite creation?

My favourite creation...that's tough! I suppose it would be my Fairy Pods (which are in my Etsy shop in the form of trading cards). On they're sold as seeds that you can grow into little pods...and then a fairy crawls out of them - all graphically of course! It's lots of fun to come up with the concepts for the different seeds, come up with names, write the backstories, and then create the graphics to go along with them.

Besides that...I do love my Red Riding Hood cell phone charms!

Where do you draw your inspirations from?

It's probably obvious from looking at my stuff that I draw a lot of inspiration from Japanese culture - be it traditional or pop. My highschool days as an anime and manga fan definitely set me on a path to the style of work I do now.

I also have a fascination with Matryoshka dolls. Do you have a collection of them?

I don't have a collection...I don't even have one! But they're certainly something I've cruised ebay for! I also love kokeshi dolls - one of which I was lucky enough to find at a thrift shop not long ago. I hope to get my hands on some blanks and design my own some day!

Do you have any words of business wisdom or advice for other indie artists?

Make sure you love what you create...that way if it doesn't sell there's always the silver lining that you get to keep it! Course, I can't really see myself *needing* 20 of my Nintendo DS cases...

Is there anything else you would like to share?

Thanks for featuring me! I hope your readers will take some time to drop by either my Etsy shop or my Smile Recipe site!


Marilyn said...

How absolutely adorable, I'm so glad you posted this. :)

earmark said...

wonderful feature! i love your blog!

Patrizia said...

Great interview! Her things are so adorable, wow! I will add her to my favorite shops!

I did not know you were Canadian too :)

kiddlebug said...

Super cute stuff! Thanks for introducing me to a shop owner I hadn't seen before. (I'm sure there are plenty!)

Lemon Shortbread said...

oh my, the cuteness! love the features!

lncgreetings said...

wow they are soo beautiful! excellent job! thanks for sharing this!:)


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