Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday's Cuteability ~ Nowvember

I had found her Phys ed Make Me Cry Stickers and just loved them so I had to ask Lisa if I could interview her for all of her work intrigues me! Please read the interview and take a look at her beautiful work!

Your Shop Name: nowvember
Shop Address:

Can you tell me abit about yourself?

I was born and raised in the Great American Midwest. My boyfriend Eric and I moved to Portland, Oregon in 2005, and I'm still shocked by the exorbitant corn prices and the total absence of fat people out here, but otherwise I really love it.

I am 27 awesome years old. I have a very fancy bachelors degree and a deeply unsatisfying coffee shop job.

I play a mean game of Dr. Mario, drink like a fish, and will make you the best sandwich you’ve ever had.

What are your favourite materials to work with?

Paper, glue, scissors, thread, old books, spray paint. I prefer processes that feel really intuitive and hands-on. I am incredibly low-tech, although I am thinking about getting a sewing machine one of these days. I will cut up anything. Hide your encyclopedias and your sweaters.

What is your favourite creation?

I don’t think I’ve made it yet.

Did Phys'ed really make you cry?! I just love those stickers!

So many times. Phys Ed was an endless series of humiliations for me. I’d like to give some anecdotes, but I fear that this could devolve into a therapy session pretty quickly. I was the girl who ran the thirteen minute mile. I had a complex system for changing clothes in the locker room without actually being naked. I’ve never done a single successful pull-up. It was just awful.

Do you have any words of business wisdom or advice for other indie artists?

Oh wow, I have no idea what I’m doing.
Umm, the main thing I would say is that just because you’re selling your work doesn’t mean you have to make stuff with “mass appeal.”. It seems like a lot of people water themselves down because they’re worried about scaring off hypothetical customers if they’re too political, too vulgar, don’t paint enough kittens, fail to switch to an Autumn palette after Labor Day, or whatever. You’re not a fast food chain. You don’t need to do market research. Just make what you love and someone else will love it too.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

In Second Grade I used to teach the other little girls how to draw horses for 25 cents. I like to think it was an early sign of my artistic and entrepreneurial spirit. It was quite the little racket I had going. And then I blew all my earnings on Nutty Bars. Not so different from my adult life.


Cherry Lane Jane said...

I really enjoyed the article! I giggled more times than I can count and her words of wisdom are freakin awesome!!!! You picked a great feature:)

Marilyn said...

Great article, I really like the answers. :)

Fantastic Figments said...

Thanks for the message. It is hard tearing my eyes off of Michael Phelps.. So nice want to touch the hiney... anywho. I see you are a fabric lady (very nice .. loves your work) You might have an answer to my question. I am looking for a fabric that can be painted on and sewed. Do you know what this canvas like fabric could be and do you know what kind of paint or pencil you need to create on it? Thank you much. Please enjoy the sweet sweet body of Mr. Phelps!



Fantastic Figments said...

HAHA I took some time and re-read your article as my long time boyfriend adam stood reading over my shoulder. He asked me if it was my blog. Meaning that we share most of the little personality traits and past expirences that you wrote about. Funny. I like you little sidebar of having a fancy degree and a coffee shop job. I have a fancy degree and something not any better than that. But we do have all the creative spirit in the world. Stay fantastic.


Lemon Shortbread said...

haha great feature!! off to fave her

Robin Honig Willens said...

I love the cassette. So totally retro!
:) Robin

Shadows of the goddess designs said...

great article ! And i love your phys ed cards. I can identify with them totally.

nikki/WhiMSy love said...

Great interview!

carolina bleu said...

i love your new boyfriend stickers!


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