Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Candy Bandit - Designer Brooch Project

Photo:: Pete de Bruyn

Awhile back, I was involved in Candy Bandit's amazing brooch exchange project which consisted of a silly creature who wears her heart on her invisible sleeve. She's monsterlingual speaking three languages which are only known to her. With quite a number of artists and crafters involved in submitting their own designs, Gemma certainly had her hands full creating them into wearable felt art and did an amazing job!

Photo:: Pete de Bruyn

I can't wait to receive anyone of the beautiful pins! Sooo much fun

I'm going to be involved in the next project:: HeartFELT, where the final brooches will be auctioned off to the artists choosing. Now, how awesome is that?! Meowzers! Check it out here


Candy Bandit. said...

:D So exciting!

A red lipstick said...

Thanks for your sweet comment. Wish you a beautiful weekend!

ismoyo said...

Sounds like a wonderful project!
Your next entry will be great and auctioned off for lost of $$ i'm sure!

Candy Bandit. said...



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